Guilty But Not Guilty: What Are You Pleading Guilty to and Why It Matters

If you find yourself in need of a criminal defence lawyer, it can be daunting to know how to begin and what to expect. At Mansia Bovey & Company Lawyers, we understand that requiring a lawyer means that you are already experiencing a stressful time in your life. In this post, we break down what a criminal defence lawyer does and how they can work with you to secure the best possible outcome for your case.

Commonwealth Offences Australia

What Is A Criminal Defence Lawyer?

A criminal defence lawyer is a type of lawyer that specialises in cases relating to criminal charges, really any offence punishably by imprisonment, and even some that are not. Some examples of offences are; drink driving, fraud, murder, rape/other sexual offences, and drug offences ranging from possession to trafficking or supplying. 

A criminal lawyer will also be able to represent those with Commonwealth Offences such as welfare fraud, drug importation and exportation.

Criminal defence lawyers are primarily responsible for defending the individual charged with a criminal offence, whether a defendant instructs they are guilty or not guilty. A defence lawyer is qualified the same as any other type of lawyer in Australia and completed years of education and training.

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What Services Does A Criminal Defence Lawyer Offer?

If you employ the services of a criminal defence lawyer, you can expect them to represent you in court in relation to your charge. They will also represent you throughout all stages of your case, including the initial police investigations. A defence lawyer ensures that your legal rights are upheld and that you are treated fairly and in accordance with the law throughout your case. When you employ a lawyer, they will arrange a consultation so that they can discuss your expectations with you and manage them accordingly.

Criminal defence lawyers also offer ongoing support by explaining legal jargon and oncoming proceedings. A criminal lawyer knows that going through court can be a mentally taxing time and attempting to do so alone means that you lack the relevant legal knowledge to navigate the court process.

What Is The Process Of Dealing With A Criminal Defence Lawyer?

The process of dealing with a criminal defence lawyer is simple. Following getting in touch with us, we will sit down to discuss your case with you, including the arrangement of all facts, your perspective of the case in question, we will really provide you with a comprehensive initial advice and discuss with you the process and steps moving forward.

You may be required to have multiple consultations with your criminal defence lawyer, depending on the progression of your case, your instructions to the lawyers, and the seriousness of the charges.

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