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Assistance From Start To Finish

If you are seeking legal advice, guidance or representation in Cairns, Mansia Bovey & Company Lawyers can assist you from start to finish. With knowledge across all court levels, our solicitors offer complete knowledge of all relevant processes and provide qualified representation when required. We strongly recommend consulting with our solicitors before agreeing to an interview with police. 

Our goal is to, at the very least, give you the tools and insights needed to confidently deal with smaller legal procedures on your own. However, if you need full advocacy for criminal law matters, traffic offencesdrug possession, domestic violence orders, or Commonwealth offences, call Mansia Bovey & Company Lawyers today.

We pride ourselves on always striving for the best outcomes. Over the years we’ve built up an outstanding record and served all types of clients across Queensland, including Cairns, Mareeba, Atherton, Mossman, Cooktown, Weipa, Innisfail, Tully, Townsville, Mackay, Rockhampton and Mt Isa.

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All Court Levels

Our solicitors can provide advice for all levels of court, including:

You can trust our solicitors to provide you with honest, fixed fees so you don’t end up with any nasty surprises.

When you consult with Mansia Bovey & Company Lawyers, we give you peace of mind by removing the guesswork. You don’t have to worry about saying or doing the ‘right thing’ because we will negotiate on your behalf. 

Many people make choices early on that affect the rest of their law matters. With certain processes that are extremely time dependent, it’s important to seek the best advice as early as possible. So, whether you’re dealing with a criminal law hearing or a Commonwealth Offence, trust our team to provide comprehensive solutions.

Commonwealth Offences Australia
Commonwealth Offences Australia

Notice To Appear In Court

If you have been given a notice to appear in court, we highly recommend booking an initial consult with our team in Cairns. We can confidently walk you through the processes and advise on a huge range of factors, including any penalties you may be facing. With fixed fees on all services, you can get the level of advice you need for the right price. 

Because of our extensive knowledge in criminal law, we recommend having our team deal directly with the police and courts on your behalf. Our solicitors will identify all relevant information and present it in the most convincing way to secure the best result possible. 

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Any Questions ?

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. 1 : I missed my court date; what should I do?

Missing a court date can result in a warrant issuing for your arrest. If you have missed a court date, you should contact our office immediately so we can advise you of the best course of action.

Q. 2 : I have been given a notice to appear to attend court. What do I do now?

If you are issued with a notice to appear, this means that you must appear in court on the date stipulated on the notice. You should make arrangements to go to court on this date as missing a court date can lead to a warrant being issued for your arrest. If you have been given a notice to appear, we strongly advise you contact our office for an initial consult.

An initial consult will provide you with preliminary legal advice, the court process and the possible penalty you may be facing and allow you to ask any other questions you may have with respect to your charge.

Q. 3 : A family member has been arrested and taken into custody. What happens now?

The person who has been arrested may be processed and granted bail. Alternatively, they may be held in custody and be required to present in court to apply for bail before a Magistrate. Should either of the above scenarios arise, we strongly advise you to contact one of our solicitors to either discuss representation for a bail application or alternatively an initial consult and advice on the charges for which bail was granted.

Q. 4 : What is an offender levy?

The offender levy is an administrative fee to help pay for law enforcement and administration costs. If you’re sentenced in the Supreme, District or Magistrates Court, you need to pay the offender levy. However, this does not apply to child offenders. The levy is not an order of the court and does not form part of any sentence imposed by a judge or magistrate. This fee is enforceable by the State Penalties Enforcement Registry.