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Commonwealth Offences Australia

Knowing Legal Costs

One of the most contentious issues surrounding lawyer retention is the cost. Not only because legal representation can be expensive, but also because it can be difficult to keep track when lawyers charge an hourly rate. To get around this, Mansia Bovey & Company Lawyers in Cairns charge a fixed-fee retainer for each stage of the criminal process.

This gives you peace of mind, certainty and a sense of control over your situation. With fixed fees, you don’t have to worry about nasty surprises during what is already a stressful time. You can more easily budget for legal fees and assess which aspects of legal assistance are most important to you.

Once we understand your circumstances, part of our advice is advising you of your options/ steps moving forward, including advising you on when to speak to the police and how much to say or advising you on outcomes of a guilty plea or defences to charges and trial-able issues. Our Cairns criminal defence lawyers will provide expert advices at every stage of your case.