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If you are being threatened by domestic violence, a domestic violence order (DVO) can help keep you safe. It places particular conditions on the person who has committed violence (the respondent) and offers valuable protection for yourself (the applicant) or others. Read on for helpful information about what a DVO involves and why it’s recommended to apply for a DVO with the help of a domestic violence lawyer.

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What Is A DVO?

A domestic violence order is issued in court and if granted, will require the respondent to act of good behaviour towards you and not commit domestic violence. Conditions of a DVO can include other things such as; the respondent cannot come within a certain distance of where you reside, or prohibiting them from contacting you at all.
These conditions must be followed by the respondent. If the order is breached in any way, you can call the police immediately. They will investigate the situation and the respondent may be charged with a criminal offence, which may result in punishment including imprisonment.
A Domestic Violence Order is made by a Magistrate during court proceedings and offers protection for individuals subject to domestic and family violence. While these orders tend to last for five years, they can cover a shorter duration, or be extended with the approval of the court.
A Temporary Protection Order (TPO) provides urgent protection in the face of immediate danger. TPOs contain conditions similar to a final Domestic Violence Order, however are only in place until a final DVO is made. A final DVO may reflect the TPO conditions.

How Do I Apply For A DVO?

You can apply for a DVO on your own, or with the assistance of a lawyer. On occasions the Police may also apply for an Order on your behalf. The court will consider the circumstances and if successful, will impose conditions and issue an Order, which should then be enforced by the police if the Order is not abided by.
While you can apply for a DVO yourself, it’s recommended you engage a 
domestic violence lawyer to help. These lawyers are trained in this specialised area and can be of significant assistance. They also deeply appreciate the many pressures and challenges that can surround applying for a DVO, so are well-equipped to listen to your concerns and advise you appropriately. A lawyer can provide much-needed professional help during the process, including:

As domestic violence order applications can cause great stress and difficult emotions, having someone on your side to help you through the process can make a great difference.

Applying for a DVO with the help of a professional will give your application the best chance succeeding. The process can take several weeks, but there are temporary orders available that can be put in place from the first court date should you find yourself in immediate danger.

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