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The issue of domestic violence is a distressingly widespread one in Australia. Its consequences reverberate through our homes, our communities and our legal system. However, the insidious nature of domestic violence often makes it difficult to identify and address. Recognising its signs is a crucial first step in bringing about justice and this responsibility lies on all of us. Here, we explore some common signs of domestic violence and outline the role of domestic violence lawyers in combating this grave social issue.

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What Is Domestic Violence?

Before identifying the signs, it's important to understand what domestic violence is. Domestic violence isn’t just physical abuse, it extends to emotional, psychological, financial and sexual abuse within relationships. Each of these categories of domestic violence presents its own set of signs.

Physical Abuse

Physical abuse, characterised by the application or threat of physical violence to exert control over a person, is generally one of the most recognisable forms of abuse. The resulting fear and unpredictability experienced by survivors often engenders a state of constant vigilance for subsequent instances of mistreatment. You may be experiencing physical abuse if your partner exhibits any of the following abusive behaviours:

Emotional Abuse

Emotional and psychological abuse can be just as damaging, though less visible. You may be in an emotionally abusive relationship if your partner attempts to control you by:

It also includes any form of gaslighting, whereby they pretend not to understand you, refuse to listen to you, questioning your recollection of facts or events or trivialising your needs or feelings and denying previous statements or promises.

Financial Abuse

Financial or economic abuse occurs when a partner extends their power and control into your finances. Examples of financial abuse can include:

Sexual Abuse

Sexual abuse occurs when a partner controls the physical and sexual intimacy in your relationship by using non-consensual and forced actions. You may be experiencing sexual abuse if your partner:

The Role Of Domestic Violence Lawyers

When domestic violence is suspected or identified, the role of domestic violence lawyers becomes paramount. These professionals can help you navigate the complexities of the legal system and provide appropriate support and advocacy. Their roles encompass securing protection orders, representing both victims/applicants and respondents in court and facilitating access to necessary resources.


How Can We Help?

If you or someone you know is experiencing domestic violence, it’s important to seek help. Mansia Bovey & Company Lawyers can provide assistance with Domestic Violence Orders (DVO) and a range of other related legal services.

We can also assist if you are served with a Domestic violence Application and need representation to defend any allegations made against you.

Our legal team are committed to providing compassionate legal counsel for those grappling with these deeply challenging circumstances. Our team understands the sensitivity required in these matters and ensures every client is treated with dignity and respect. Call our team today for more information. 

Trigger warning: If this information is distressing for you or you need support regarding sexual assault, domestic or family violence, call 1800 RESPECT 1800 737 732 for 24/7 phone and online services.